Reviews of Caroline Dahl's Contemporary Embroidery Art

Shopping Mall Day of the Dead was included in the 2006 Art of the Stitch, Embroiderersí Guild, International Biennial Exhibition in England. This is a high honor for an American to crash the international exhibition. Dahlís embroideries deserve it. They are fantastic embroideries. These are fantastic in both senses of the word: the workmanship and intricacy of the images is stunning, and the imagery appears to take place in the world of alternate reality and magic realism.   Serena Fenton, Dec. 10, 2006  Layers of Meaning

Dahl uses a complex merger of written phrases and visual imagery that is a swirl of pattern, color and narration done with a keen eye for popular culture and vernacular language. Her medium (embroidery) comes out of an electronic age that values the fast-paced collage effect of abbreviated words and imagery.    Diane Heilenman, Louisville Courier-Journal

The commemorative, plaque-sized "Buried Treasure" by Caroline Dahl of San Francisco is rendered roughly which is appropriate to its subject - a parrot called "El Diablo Verde" shown part way in his coffin.    William Zimmer, New York Times

Dahl's interest in the bizarre, combined with her imagination, results in work that stirs our senses and probes our psyche. While her work bristles with energy, there is also a narrative quality, often in a humorous or satirical vein.    Vivian Poon, Fiberarts Magazine

Chicago embroiderer Barbara Smith interviews forward-looking needleworkers and introduces their startling productions, explaining not only how the artists compose their pieces but why they choose particular media. Some use traditional forms and subvert them, as in Caroline Dahl's "Terror Sampler II," emblazoned with "You've made my life a living burning hell."    [From a review of Barbara Smith's volume, "Celebrating the Stitch" in Publishers Weekly]

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