Motor City Blues & Boogie Woogie Festival, Detroit, Michigan (2003)

Tom Rigney & Flambeau -- "Early In The Morning" on the Oosterdam (New Year's Eve cruise 2016)

Sun Coast Jazz Classic, Clearwater, Florida (2015)
(photo by Gary Bookout)

San Diego Jazz Fest, California (2015)
(photo by Louis Hillman)

Sun Coast Jazz Classic, Clearwater, Florida (2013)
(photo by Gary Bookout)

Ecaussinnes, Belgium 2013
Spring Blues Festival (photos by Michel Verlinden)

2012 Medford Jazz Festival (photo by Mike Dickinson)

Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne & Caroline at Mitch Woods' Boogie Woogie Blowout
Mill Valley, California (Nov. 2011 / photo by Shina Sebring)

15th Annual Blues by the Bay, Eureka, California (Sept. 2011)

88 Shades of Blue with Harry Pickens
Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts, Louisville (2010)

88 Shades of Blue -- Rodney Hatfield, Caroline, Lee Carroll, Mitch Ivanoff & Tripp Bratton

88 Shades of Blue -- Rodney Hatfield, Caroline, Lee Carroll, Mitch Ivanoff, Tripp Bratton
David White, Chip Graham, Harry Pickens, Mark Jones & Joe Turley

Boogie Woogie Blowout
Honey Piazza, Joe Kyle (bass), Mitch Woods & Caroline
Edmonton Blues Festival (Canada 2010)

International Boogie Woogie Festival
Lugano, Switzerland (2009)

Silvan Zingg in Lugano

with Gene Taylor and > > >

Renaud Patigny in Lugano

Trio in Lugano, with Nuno Alexandre on bass & Valerio Felice on drums

Everyone in Lugano:   on pianos - Caroline, Renaud, Gene, Ulf Sandstrom;   on stage - Bo Gustafsson, Richie Loidl,
Valerio, Silvan, Nuno, & 4 world-class dancers: William Mauvais, Maeva Truntzer, Nicolas Deniau & Melanie Deniau

Nicola Tenini, The Boogie Boy

At the Embroiderer's Guild opening of "Art of the Stitch 2008/9"
Waterhall Gallery, Birmingham Museum, Birmingham, United Kingdom (2008)

Caroline, Manolo German (bass) & Marc Ruiz (drums)
Festival de Blues de Barcelona (Spain 2008)

Lluis Coloma, Barrelhouse Chuck & Caroline in Barcelona

Caroline, Tom Rigney, Danny Caron, Steve Parks & Brent Rampone
Sacramento Jazz Jubilee 2008 (photo by Barry Blacklaw)

Mitch Woods' BBQ Boogie Woogie Blowout (2007)
Rancho Nicasio, California (photo by Bob Hakins)

John Allair, Wendy DeWitt, Caroline & Mitch Woods
Rancho Nicasio, California (photo by Bob Hakins)

Tom Rigney, Steve Parks & Caroline at 2007 Sacramento Jazz Jubilee (photo by Barry Blacklaw)

Caroline, Rodney Hatfield (Art Snake), & Nick Stump at The Kentucky Center in Louisville
Opening of Caroline's Art Show, "Xtreme Embroidery" (2007)

Rodney & Nick at The Kentucky Center (2007)

Rodney & Caroline (with Nick) at WFPK-FM "Live Lunch" (2007)

Playing at the Party at Le Bouche a Oreille -- Brussels, Belgium (2006)

The Music Village, Brussels, Belgium
with John Valcke & Bob Dartsch (2006)

Tom Rigney & Flambeau at 2006 Sacramento Jazz Jubilee

2006 Sacramento Jazz Jubilee

The Jazz Station, Brussels, Belgium
with John Valke, Eric Van Puyveld & Bob Dartsch (2006)

with John Valke & Bob Dartsch
at the Van Deuren party in Brussels (2006)

with Tim Eschliman & Adam Gabriel
The Soho Club, Petaluma, California (2006)

Backstage with Renaud Patigny
Paris (Vierreres du Buisson) 2006

Paris (Villebon sur Yvette) 2005

with Nick Stump & Rodney Hatfield (Art Snake)
Reunion of 3 members of the Metro Blues All-Stars
Louisville, Kentucky (2005)

At "Emeril Legasse Under the Harvest Moon"
Fetzer Winery (2004 / photo by Adam Gabriel)

The following photographs were taken at the "Brussels Boogie Woogie Piano Summit" in Belgium, Theatre St. Michel, 2004.

Brussels Rehearsal -- Christoph Rois, Renaud Patigny & Caroline

After the Show -- (front row) Christoph Rois, Caroline, Renaud Patigny &
Liz Pennock. (back row) name unknown, John Valcke (bass), Dr. Blues,
Andre Hobus, & Bob Dartsch (drums)

with Liz Pennock at rehearsal in Brussels

with Joe Hunter in Detroit at the Motor City Blues & Boogie Woogie Festival (2003)

with Hadda Brooks (1998)

The following photographs [by Christophe Bricaut, courtesy of Honky Tonk Productions] were taken at the 14th annual "Les Nuits Jazz & Boogie Piano Festival" in La Salle Equinoxe Hall, Paris, 2002.

Solo & Duet at "Les Nuits"

Axel Zwingenberger at "Les Nuits"

Trio at "Les Nuits"

Gilles Chevaucherie on Bass, Stephane Roger on Drums

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